We are pleased to offer our Neurodiagnostic testing lab located within our office, We are accredited through the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.Our testing center is staffed by two Board Certified Sleep Physicians and Registered Sleep Technologist’s. All testing is read in the office for accurate and timely results sent to your physician. Our quaint lab offers the best one on one patient care and can accommodate any of your scheduling needs.

Inquire about a possible smaller out of pocket expense for services provided within the office. You will need to check with your insurance company for accurate benefit information. Some insurance companies may apply a co-pay instead of a deductible or co-insurance for services provided in the office versus out patient hospital.

Listed below are services provided in our lab and information regarding procedures and diagnosis:

Video EEG  Services are now offered at Neurology Consultants.  This test can run from 12 hours to 48 hours depending on patient circumstances.  The test is performed here in our building and includes provided meals etc

EEG Electroencephalography 

EMG Electromyography / NCV Nerve Conduction Velocity 

VNG Videonystagmography This test evaluates balance function by assessing eye movement. Balance-related sensors in the inner ear are linked to muscles that control eye movement. This connection enables you to move your head while keeping your eyes focused on a point.

Sleep Studies / C-Pap Studies

MSLT Multiple sleep latency test. This test measures your sleepiness and the types and stages of sleep you experience as you nap during the day. This test is generally conducted the day after a polysomnogram.

MWT Maintenance of Wakefulness Test: An MWT is a series of trials to assess the ability to remain awake in a non-stimulating environment. Patients typically sit in a recliner for the trial periods. A technologist applies sensors and electrodes that will help determine wakefulness. Trials will be performed at two-hour intervals.

Listed below are few common diseases/disorders diagnosed in our lab: