It is the office policy of NCPC that requests for records be submitted in print, via fax, mail or in person. All requests for PHI must be accompanied by a valid authorization. Under special circumstances we may accept a verbal authorization from the patient if they are unable to sign a release.

Requests for records will be processed within ten business days once all HIPAA compliance is met, per NCPC protocol. However, under federal regulations we  have up to thirty days to process any request.

Prepayment is required for all chargeable PHI requests. All pending attorney / insurance requests will be completed before a personal patient request. All records will be mailed, with the exception of records required for medical treatment. Those records will be faxed to the treating facility. NCPC policy does not allow PHI to be faxed for any purpose, other than medical treatment.

Each patient is entitled to one complete chart copy at no charge. It is the patient’s responsibility to keep the original and distribute copies as needed. Patients will not be charged for chart updates.

A complete chart copy includes any consults or follow up notes generated by NCPC and all reports generated from testing ordered by NCPC. We do not release other physician notes, testing, etc. These need to be obtained through the generating facility.

This fee scale applies to patients, attorneys, insurance companies and any other entity requesting records.

$ 35.00 for 1-20 pages
$ 35.00 Plus $1.00 per page for pages 21-30
$ 45.00 Plus .50 per page for pages 31-100
$ 80.00 Plus .25 per page for pages 101-200
$ 105.00 Plus .10 per page for more than 200 pages

REVISED 2/28/02 – 11/8/2004 – 2/01/2010