Please review the following information regarding payment and insurance claims.

We require current insurance information at each visit. Please have your insurance cards available. Failure to provide complete information may cause a delay in your claim being processed. As a courtesy, we will file to all health insurances. You may need to contact your insurance carrier if your claim is unpaid after 30 days.

Co-payments, co-insurance and deductibles aredue at the time of serivce.

We accept  Medicare assignment. You will need to complete a Medicare insurance checklist prior to your first visit. This checklist helps us and your carrier determine whether Medicare is primary or secondary.

If you have Medicare and a second insurance, co-payment will be waived at the time of service pending receipt of your insurance carriers’ payment. Any remaining balance will be forwarded to you once both insurances have processed your claim.

Workmens comp claims must be pre-authorized prior to your appointment. You will need to inform your employer of your upcoming visit and provide complete and accurate billing information.

Auto liability or other personal injury claims are the responsibility of the patient. We will file your liability insurance as a courtesy, however, payment in full is due within 60 days. We will not wait for litigation to be settled.

Payment arrangements should be made prior to your first visit. For your convenience, we accept VISA, MC, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER. For payment questions, or to inquire about participation in your insurance plan, please call our business office at (563) 383-5167.